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About US

Established in August 2000, the Department/Graduate Institute of Government and Law aims to combine “politics” and “law” in teaching and research. The purpose of establishing this department is to meet the needs of national democratic politics and the development of rule of law, develop legal education in southern Taiwan, cultivate talents with both legal and political literacy, and cultivate civil servants in the fields of general administration, civil affairs, integrity, investigation, and justice, as well as talents, such as parliament assistants, lawyers and private sector legal personnel. Moreover, this department also serves as a part of a lifelong learning mechanism, providing in-service personnel who were not graduated from the law or political science department in the southern region to study law and politics courses.

Department of Government and Law provides four educational systems: Undergraduate Program, In-service Bachelor Program, Master Program, and In-service Master Program (see the figure below). Undergraduate Program enrolls 50 students, In-service Bachelor Program enrolls 20 students, Master Program enrolls 10 students (5 students in the Group Politics, and the other 5 students in the Group Public Law), and In-service Master Program enrolls 15 students. In-service Bachelor Program and In-service Master Program courses are scheduled from Monday to Friday from 18:20 to 21:55.

Organizational Chart

Department of Government and Law attaches importance to the integration of the two traditional disciplines of politics and law and connects the two fields of politics and law with the concept of “nation,” that is, to and design various academic courses by putting into practice the meaning of “nation of democracy” and “nation of rule of law.” The field of political science focuses on the organizational operation of the nation and its policies, while the field of law maintains the teaching of traditional civil law, criminal law, procedural law, and commercial law. “Public law” is a common field (see Figure below).